The Crew

You know, there’s a reason why our microgreens and wheatgrass taste so good…


circel chrisChris Thoreau

Chris is the Jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none at the Food Pedalers. Working in agriculture since 2001, the Food Pedalers are helping Chris realize his dream of farming without actually having to bend over. When away from work you can find Chris running, biking, or snowboarding in the mountains – depending on the season. Check out his consulting website at




circle ross

Ross Jarvis

Ross arrived in Vancouver in 2013 determined to break free of the 9 to 5 lifestyle and explore sustainable agriculture. First, he got an internship with the folks at Inner City Farms, spending the summer turning lawns into flourishing urban farms. He also worked for Vancouver Farmers Markets as a tireless advocate of the local food scene and occasional wrangler of errant dogs and children. Here he met Chris Thoreau and the rest is history. Ross became a member of the Co-op in 2014 and plans to further his skills and knowledge as a grower and, maybe one day in the not to distant future, enroll in a sustainable agriculture program.



circel jaymoie

Jaymie Johnson

Jaymie Johnson joined the Food Pedalers crew in 2013 while completing her BFA at Emily Carr University, and became a full member in March of 2016. Prior to art school, she studied Permaculture Design with Scott Pittman in 2009 and spent the following three years working, educating, and learning on permaculture, biodynamic, and organic farms globally and locally near her hometown of Nelson, BC. Fascinated by the intersection between ecology, community, and contemporary art, Jaymie stands with one foot in the art world and one foot in the world of sustainable agriculture – creating a little confusion and a lot of contentment. You can check out Jaymie‘s art here.