The Crew

Bryan Driscoll

Bryan joined the crew shortly after completing a degree in Applied Biology at UBC, specializing in Food and the Environment. Transferring from the University of Calgary, he began in nutritional science before switching focus to agriculture, having realized the strain that current practices have placed on global ecosystems and climates. Raised on a dairy farm in the Ottawa Valley in rural Ontario, it is only fitting that he has found work in food production. He spent the last three summers gardening with the Orchard Garden at UBC and Inner City Farms. Forever a foodie, Bryan can always be found in the kitchen; whether it’s roasting his own coffee, brewing kombucha, baking bread, or canning jams, relishes, or sauces, he and his friends will always eat well.


Shauna Kunstatter

Shauna traveled westward from the Keystone Province a decade ago and has been spending most of her time outside ever since. She found her way to the Food Pedalers in 2015 after a long stint working with the Vancouver Farmers Markets. Shauna enjoys growing food almost as much as she enjoys eating, and she enjoys eating almost as much as she enjoys adventuring with her dog, Hawksley.